These ex-aeronautical engineers designed a luxurious aluminum rolling suitcase!

Charles Simon’s exquisite line of luxury luggage has been blowing everyone’s mind since it’s release. From the classical briefcase Mackenzie, compact carry-on Rupert to the rolling luggage carrier Bonaventure, each of their products has been crafted with extreme care and precision. Now Charles Simon has taken it one step higher, by upgrading a pre-existing fan-favorite, the Bonaventure, with the launch of the Bonaventure Aluminum. What looks like a briefcase horizontally, is, in fact, a rolling suitcase when placed vertically! Equipped with a patented handle that deploys at the push of a button, therein increasing its length, Bonaventure is exceptionally easy to carry, making the user’s experience highly comfortable. Pushing the button also unveils two retractable wheels, enabling the suitcase to follow you around everywhere promptly, with minimum effort from your side. Now, what distinguishes the latest version of Bonaventure from its original one?

Ditching (not completely though) their trademark cherrywood, Charles Simon has instead picked Aluminum as the base material for the body of the new and improved roller. However, the anodized aluminum handle does contain sneak peeks of cherrywood detailing! With aerospace engineering as their inspiration, and designed by ex-aeronautical engineers, the case has been constructed by combining carbon fiber and aluminum, to create an impressive structure that exuberates sturdiness and durability. Aluminum is usually reserved for the manufacture of mobile phones, due to it’s lightweight and durable nature. However, integrating it with the form factor of a suitcase, protects the suitcase from the rough and tough journeys it has to be a part of, and as a result, guaranteeing the safety of all your belongings. Retaining a young bull leather exterior finish and an Alcantara interior lining, Charles Simon has maintained some of their iconic elements.

Handcrafted in Canada, Bonaventure Aluminum is made to order, boasting an engraving of your name and a unique serial number. Available in black, beige and marine blue, Charles Simon has taken a little detour from their fashionably old fashioned cases to pleasantly surprise us with the sleek and modern Bonaventure Aluminum!

Designer: Charles Simon

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Bonaventure Aluminum is more than a travel piece, Charles Simon’s crisp focus and attention to its intense aesthetics mark it as an art object.

The aluminum used to create Bonaventure is hand-polished, electropolished and anodized to ensure a radiating finish.

The young bull leather is heavily inspected to select only the most premium segments.