This self balancing clock is as silent as a mouse!

Ever had one of those nights when sleep completely evades you, and every little sound manages to get on your nerves…including the dedicated tick-tock of the clock in your room. We don’t know about the insomnia, but there’s a definite cure for the persistent ticking away of clocks, and it’s the ‘Tangent Clock’ designed by Richard Clarkson Studio. Equipped with a ‘continuous movement clock mechanism’, Tangent is transformed into a silent clock, ensuring complete omission of the audible tick or tock that resonates from everyday clocks. Not only that, this quaint cement clock can balance itself. No support needed here! Its weighted nature ensures that no matter where or how the clock is placed, it will always roll back to its original position, so you can never read the time wrong! The internal structure was designed to give it a consistent point of balance, providing an embedded equilibrium at all times, so your clock is never inverted. Although you can place the self-balancing clock vertically. Reminiscent of a sundial, it will surely add more character to any room.

Rustic, raw and available in a choice of black or white hands, Tangent is the silent teller of time we all need in our living space!

Designer: Richard Clarkson Studio

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