This $300 3D Printer makes it easier to create designs than to buy them online

There was a time when you needed to have a highly specialized skill set to operate a camera. Today cameras on phones can be used by toddlers. The same sort of goes for cars. Today an AI can do the same thing a licensed driver can. Objects are getting easier to use, for the sake of being adopted by more consumers, and the 3D printer is no exception. You’d need manuals, experience, and technical prowess to use a 3D printer 10 years ago. Today, Creality’s CR-6 SE printer takes literally 5 minutes to assemble, and less than 2 minutes to use. How does it do that? The same way a smartphone camera or an AI-driven car does – by handling the heavy-lifting and leaving the easy tasks to you.

Convenience is by far the most important function of the Creality CR-6 SE. While most 3D printers need reading through manuals and require basic maintenance activities before and after each print, the CR-6 SE just simply works out of the box. The printer’s self-leveling tech means you never need to manually calibrate your baseplate and nozzle before each print – if you didn’t understand a word of what I just said, the CR-6 SE was sort of designed for you. Its easy-to-assemble form factor is as simple as building a 5-piece LEGO house. Once put together and plugged in, the printer’s bilingual setup and its 4.3-inch HD touchscreen help you use it in just minutes. Feed the sliced design in, either online or via an SD card, and the printer gets to work. Its patent-pending self-leveling technology calibrates the print-bed to perfection, resulting in faster, better quality prints every time; while its innovation-driven structure and nozzle-design work effortlessly while dissipating heat and requiring no periodic maintenance. The cherry on the cake? A silent chipset that allows the printer to run without that droning whirr that most printers make while executing a job.

For the more technically sound, the CR-6 SE lives up to Creality’s legacy of producing some of the finest 3D printers at affordable prices. With an early bird price of just $319, the CR-6 SE may be the most budget-friendly self-calibrating printer. To top things off, it comes with a heated baseplate too, allowing you to print in a variety of filaments, and you can even stash all your printing and prying tools into the machine’s built-in tool drawer. The CR-6 SE comes with a print-area of 235*235*250mm, with a resolution of ±0.1mm… it handles STL, OBJ, and AMF formats, and even comes with power-resume, allowing prints to temporarily halt during a power outage, and resume once the power’s back.

With the CR-6 SE, Creality makes an ambitious attempt to cater both to power users as well as novices. Designed to be less than half the price of your average 3D modeling or rendering software, the CR-6 SE brings the ultimate tool for creation and prototyping to your desk. Why render a design when you could just fabricate it? Or conversely, why buy a product when you could just print it in a matter of hours??

Designers: Michael Tang, Louis Tang & Alan Xu

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Creality CR-6 SE – Leveling-free DIY 3D Printer Kit

The CR-6 SE  is a simple and robust aluminum-built modular 3D printer that features an intelligent leveling-free system for superior accuracy and advanced 3D printing features, in an easy-to-use printer that is also affordable.

The printer scored a total of 26.5 out of 30 points on the Autodesk Kickstarter test.

Main Features

No complications. No special skills required. No confusion. You can easily assemble it in only 5 minutes and then all you need to do is plug it in and switch it on. The CR-6 SE 3D Printer starts working and delivering amazing results—whether you’re a pro or a newbie—in almost no time.

Ground-breaking true leveling-free technology. For the most part, accurate 3D printing is the result of a leveled bed. That’s usually a challenging goal, though, because most 3D printers will present nozzle clogging, poor adhesion, and generally unleveled-related issues that compromise the quality of prints. The CR-6 SE offers precisely the opposite. Featuring an innovative true Leveling-Free Technology, this is a 3D Printer that lets you always rely on highly accurate results.

Customizable and easy to keep modular nozzle. Never see your creativity and productivity affected by nozzle-related replacement issues. The CR-6 SE is designed with a modular nozzle that means you can customize it. From the heat block to the nozzle tip, among other parts, this is a Modular 3D Printer that’s easy to keep.

Better heat dissipation with unique caved heat sink.

Photoelectric filament sensor and flexible fixator

A dependable extruder. With its compact and reliable extruder, you know that a smoother extrusion and an easier filament feed will ultimately generate faster, quieter and smoother prints.

Cut the noise. 3D printers shouldn’t be annoying in the noise they make, which is why they added a Silent Chipset to the CR-6 SE. Its latest Trinamic driver helps to ensure that voltage control, fast movement and printing in silence are a given.

A hotbed for a hot result. The CR-6 SE 3D Printer comes with a carborundum glass hotbed platform that is flatter than aluminum and which offers a stellar thermal performance that ensures quick heating up, strong adhesion and prints that are easy to remove.

Strong, stable, and stylish. This work station has a beautiful design that compliments any desktop you use it on. Meanwhile, self-designed profiles and stepper motor cover prevent from filament scraps and dust. The CR-6 SE also comes with a well-arranged ribbon cable that ensures safety issues are never a concern.

Reduced Vibrations. This unique printer is designed with a wider foundation and equipped with dual Z-axises matched with an adjustable timing belt that translates into reduced unwanted motion and improved refined results. So the stability of the machine and its performance is simply impressive.

A 3D printer you can carry. Weighing only 9.2kg and with manageable dimensions (442*462*540mm), the CR-6 SE is a 3D Printer that you can carry. In fact, it features a convenient removable handle that makes it easy to carry whenever you need to.

Photoelectric Filament Sensor. These are the three magic words that basically mean that your CR-6 SE will keep your printing performance running smartly and smoothly. If the machine suddenly runs out of filament or if it simply breaks, the printer’s photoelectric filament sensor will instantly pick up that disruption and will stop the machine. As soon as the new filament feeds in, the CR-6 SE will resume its operation without making you lose your work.

Intuitive user experience. The CR-6 SE 3D Printer features a 4.3in HD Color LCD Touch Screen that allows you to easily and intuitively operate the device.

Review video by Naomi.

Click Here to Buy Now: $319 $431 (26% off). Hurry, only 911/1500 left! Raised over $1,450,000.