Once you spot this pen drive, we guarantee you won’t lose it!

Tired of losing your precious pen drives? Tired of spending hours searching for them, only to find them tucked away in some dingy corner? Or tired of having to finally give up and go run to the nearest store for another one? It seems like product designers Claire Pondard and Léa Pereyre have gone through the same dilemma innumerable times because they’ve decided to answer all our USB-related prayers! Their key-shaped intriguing product ‘Saint Antoine’ goes beyond any ordinary USB key. Deemed as common everyday products, due to their nimble size and consistent usage, pen drives are easily misplaced. However, Saint Antoine has been equipped with a crisp ‘UDP chip’. Now, what’s so special about this chip? After thorough calculations and necessary trial runs, the chip was customized to fit perfectly between the keys of a laptop/computer keyboard, ensuring it will be tightly fixed to it at all times. The grooved edges and branch-like structure of the pen drive allow it to sneakily merge into the crevices of the keyboard, without destroying the screen once the laptop is shut.

Saint Antoine was designed with an intention “to become an extension of the computer’s memory”. Cohesively and seamlessly, the pen drive becomes a component of the computer’s body, easily available when we need to plug it in the port and access our data! This is especially useful during transportation and traveling when the mini-sized pen drives can easily tumble out. Available in an array of beautiful colors such as bright red, subtle baby pink, classic olive green, and an indigo blue, Saint Antoine is at your beck and call, effortlessly storing your data without the persistent threat of losing it.

Designers: Claire Pondard and Léa Pereyre