The Butterfly Cell Phone by Andrew Kim

The Butterfly is a social networking device designed to give the optimal experience of being connected to an educational life-style for the teenage audience. There are 3 big factors of the Butterfly that make it a unique product: the design, connectivity and interaction.

The Butterfly has a very unique design. The device uses a “tilting” slide mechanism that elegantly reveals the display from below the player which slides out at a comfortable 15 degree angle. All “physical buttons were removed and replaced with a touch screen on the front of the player. The touch screen interacts with the main screen to give a seamless interface between the device and the user. The device is also coated with silver nanoparticles to prevent collection of bacteria.

The device also functions as a GSM phone with Wi-Fi connectivity. The connection to the web opens up to many opportunities. Students will be able to get the most recent updates from the school, get access to school resources, IM friends, share media, email and browse the web. Built-in organization programs will be also automatically updated to match the official school calender.

Designer: Andrew Seunghyun Kim [ Via: Gizmodo ]