The Contemporary Japanese Project 2017


The focus for the 2017 Contemporary Japanese Design Project is “Tabletop”. Tabletops are their own flat worlds, and whether a desk or a dining table, the items are most always curated. To this end, Matthew Waldman set out to create a cohesive theme for all four manufactures – and this theme is “Skyline”. Whether a modern take on a fruit bowl made with hand-woven bamboo sudare mats, a ceramic carafe and cups, a mini bell tower, or a cedar vase – architectural silhouettes draw the eye upwards, even in the miniature scale of the tabletop world.

SUDARE Fruit Hammock + matching placemats For DAIKO
The “Fruit Hammock” is an innovative centerpiece for any table – a hand-woven bamboo mat set with natural tension across an elegant metal frame creates not just a striking form, but a natural way keep fruit fresh with natural airflow.

Check out Big Lake


HITOTACHI Carafe and Cups for KUMAGAI
Kyoyaki, or the art of Kyoto style ceramics is a traditional craft that has maintained its beauty and contemporary even today. Matthew Waldman designed this beverage serving set initially inspired by sake serving vessels and the many forms of Kyoyaki to encompass any and all types of drinks, from Japanese sake to fine scotch. The form is as ergonomic as it is elegant and evokes the modern lines of evolving skylines.

Check out Kyoto Kumagai


MASU Cedar Flower Highrise
Masu cedar cups are used for sake and celebrations in Japan for hundreds of years. Inspired by this, Matthew has created a centerpiece for any table – an architectural set of flower vases. Most flower vases are glass or ceramic. Cedar is an unconventional and unique material to feature the beauty of every season. No flowers? Use these containers to present silverware, chopsticks, utensils and napkins for a bold design statement.

Check out Masukoubou


Designer: Matthew Waldman