A 1950’s Porsche 356 inspired boat to evoke nostalgia!

The lovechild of an iconic automobile and a vintage boat; that’s the best way you could describe the ‘Hermes Speedster’. Inspired by the 1959 Porsche 356 and the Gentleman’s Runabout boats from the 1930s, the Hermes Speedster is a classic boat in retro style amped with all of today’s technical marvels and features. Produced by a small family business in Greece, ‘SEVEN SEAS YACHTS’, the entire boat has been crafted by hand and with extreme love and care! Designed by the Greek architect Nicolas Politis, the hydrodynamic underwater hull fiercely resembles the Porsche 356 and the 1930’s Gentleman’s Runabout boats. The hull consists of seven layers, with the outer most layer comprising of vinyl ester resin. Made out of airtight compartments, the layers form a honeycomb structure, which provides firmness without increasing the weight of the structure. The boat is partly assembled on site, with the leather being stitched on there, and the screws being added onto the steering wheel, giving you the assurance of a perfectly finished boat!

The Hermes Speedster has been designed for perfect stability, enabling it to glide on the water effortlessly, whether you sail at maximum or minimum speed. Consuming 5.5 liters per hour, it has been voted “The most efficient production boat in the world”. The interiors have been handcrafted with complete attention to detail. Available in a variety of colors, and open to personal customization, it is a sleek beauty as it zooms across the ocean! The retractable convertible roof allows you to enjoy the splendid sun, as you lounge on the deck of the boat. With optimum space for five people, you can cruise around with your loved ones. Low water resistance enables the Speedster to have a smaller engine, however, the boat is still comparatively faster than most of its competitors on the market. Power-packed with a 72-degree access angle and innovative hull, the boat cuts through the water like a glaring knife! The latest technology and a beautiful vintage design have merged to form this iconic boat! Durable and stylish, it’s a must-have for all cruising enthusiasts.

Designer: Nicolas Politis of SEVEN SEAS YACHTS