Design for Hand and Head


This 3-object set aims to get your hands moving and your brain firing! Simply by playing, they encourage movement and reflection through puzzling arrangements and interesting visual interactions. Elegantly designed, each is reminiscent of a familiar fragment from our childhood or past.

The first item is a maze toy which exercises flexibility of the wrist. However toy-like, it’s actually inspired by the experience of drinking wine in which one must hold and tilt the glass. Using balls of different materials like wood, steel or porcelain, it also creates different sound and visual stimulations.

The second object is a spinning top crafted from low-fired ceramics. Unlike traditional tops, it goes beyond the visual sensation and features a unique oil deposit in which users can place their favorite fragrances to be released when spinning.

The last item is a brush-bracelet that aims to stimulate through touch. Soft and subtle, it’s feeling is akin to that of a father’s beard or a kitten’s fur. Simply by wearing it or twisting around the wrist, it provides soothing, tactile sensations.

Designer: Keying Zhu