Pizza Hut’s new eco-friendly ’round’ boxes are engineered to make the pizza tastier

That title may be a little too much to digest (wordplay!), so let me break it down for you. Pizza Hut’s new pizza boxes are an absolute culture shift, because they’re now ROUND! These innovative boxes hug the pizza by being the same shape as the pie, and are also designed to be compostable. The round boxes, developed by Zume, comes along with Pizza Hut’s push to make their pizzas more ‘sustainable’. The new range of pizzas that sit inside these UFO-shaped boxes use a special plant-based meat that the company calls “Incogmeato”. The idea to use plant-based meat isn’t new, with Burger King and KFC both looking to lab-grown and plant-based meat alternatives. The box, on the other hand, is interesting, as it not only uses lesser material than its iconic square predecessor, but also comes with a few nifty features. “This revolutionary round box—the result of a two-year journey—is the most innovative packaging we’ve rolled out to date,” said Pizza Hut chief customer and operations officer Nicolas Burquier. “The round box was engineered to make our products taste even better—by delivering hotter, crispier pizzas.” The box even interlocks with boxes underneath it, allowing you to neatly and securely stack them one on top of the other in transit. What a great time to be alive!

Designers: Pizza Hut and Zume