I Want Everything in Containers, OXO Pop Review

Okay I need to spread the word. A few months ago the OXO company sent me a bunch of their OXO Pop containers for review. I’ve never been one to store things in containers because I only buy enough of anything for immediate use. But things like cereals, rice, and pasta are bulk items. I’ve been on a container storing binge because the OXO Pop containers actually work. Hey, they won the Red Dot 2008 Product Design Award so there’s way more than meets the eye here.

They’re airtight, stackable and space-efficient, making it easy to keep your dry foods fresh and your kitchen organized. The Containers have a unique push-button mechanism that creates an airtight seal with just one touch. The button also serves as a handle to lift off the lid. The Containers are designed for modular stacking so you can efficiently organize your countertop and pantry.

They come in a huge assortment of sizes for all your storage needs. All Pop containers are BPA free too which is a huge concern in plastics technology today – for your health and environment. The real test is how long my foods could stay fresh. THE CEREAL TEST.

The Pop containers proclaim the air tight seal created when you press and lock the lid can keep things fresher, in this case my cereals which tend to lose their satisfying crunch after 2 weeks. HERE THIS, it’s been 2 months and they’re still as crunchy and delicious as day 1.

What we liked:

  • BPA free plastic
  • Satisfying “click” when you seal the containers
  • Great modular design, stackable, dishwasher safe

What could be improved:

  • A bit pricey especially if you invest in a large set ($10-$17 each)
  • More color options for easy color coding
  • More design options like black or metal tops

Designer: OXO [ Buy it here ]