Swing Pro Solo Auto

This rather wildly designed concept car is called the “Swing Beginner” – it’s what’s the start of what’s probably going to be a spectaculalrly fabulous line of Swing cars, this one acting as sort of training wheels for the whole line. It’s designed by Yanchao Wang to act as a solution for the future world of infinite population and zero room for gigantic cars and trucks. Welcome to the future of simply “inside and outside” – Wang’s way of saying we can no longer afford to drive in a car with any more room inside and out than we need.

Bare essentials can be design-elegant, aesthetically sassy, perfectly to the point. This vehicle is made to transform, though, as the potential 3-seat configuration can change to a 1-seat+storage just as fast, and the trunk is set on extend or shrink mode. Whatever size you need.

The entire Swing system is set on the idea that you’re basically in a fish tank. When you push your body to the right, the vehicle moves right. Forward and you move forward. It’s the same in that if a big fish throws itself toward the side of the tank, the water inside the tank moves too, and if you’ve ever seen a cartoon fishy in your life, you know that fishbowl’s going off the counter soon!

Forward, backward, turnaround, all is possible due to the no-rotation-radius wheels and gigantic window section. Getting in and out’s all in the front. Riding around is smooth. You can wear part of the car around as a backpack. What more could you possibly want out of a cutie pie vehicle like this? And it’s only the beginning!

Designer: Yanchao Wang

Swing Beginner concept car by Yanchao Wang