This smart-cane uses Google Maps, Alexa, and Obstacle Detection to guide the visually impaired

A pretty great way to integrate smart tech and voice assistants into the lives of people who need them the most, WeWALK is a smart cane that takes today’s tech and makes it more accessible. Designed to be more than just a walking stick for the visually impaired, WeWALK is a smart-cane that detects obstacles, pairs with smartphones, and responds to voice commands.

The collapsible smart-cane looks a tad bit different than most regular walking sticks, but that’s because it absolutely is. A massive win for inclusive design, the smart-cane comes with an ultrasonic sensor that helps detect obstacles and notify the user to avoid a collision. It also pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth, integrating with features on your smartphone that make navigation easier. Its compatibility with voice assistants, and ability to read map-data helps the walking stick turn into a wayfinder that you can talk to. Touch-sensitive controls on the WeWALK help you toggle its functions, and an in-built microphone help you talk right into it, asking your phone’s voice assistant to guide you to the nearest café, grocer, bus-stop, or even to your house. The stick then becomes your seeing-eye-dog, helping you by telling you when to turn, where to stop, and if you should avoid a lamppost, a tree, or any other obstacle.

Eliminating the need to take your phone out for navigation, or the need to ask a nearby person to help you get to where you want to go, WeWALK aims at liberating the visually impaired through technology that’s meant for everyone. Easy to use, and more importantly portable, WeWALK helps get people seamlessly from point A to point B with a sense of freedom and confidence that’s absolutely liberating!

Designers: YGA & Vestel