Gamers Going Green!


Whether you grew up gaming, chances are your parents use the line “why don’t you do something with your life!” at least once. With the D’Or gaming drone system, now you can tell them you are!

It explores the concept of gamification to rid the air of harmful pollutants so we can all breath cleaner, healthier air. The drone itself is equipped with the latest filtration and ion purification as directed by the European Space Agency. Viewing through an app on their smartphone, users can control the drone in a sort of augmented reality space, playing a variety of integrated games solo and versus other players. The more air they clean, the more points are awarded. Leaderboard and ranking features also encourage more cleaning!

Designers: Kavithasan Patkunam & Samay Sigamani


The concept was also developed as part of the KTH Innovation startup incubator in Sweden.


Designed and engineered to purify the air around us by using high-efficiency filter systems that are used in the International Space Station or ISS, which is currently orbiting around the earth.


The filter systems are integrated seamlessly into the propulsion units of the drone.


Computational Fluid Dynamics tools such as Ansys CFX and Fluent were used to understand the fluid motion/flow through the filters and the propellers.