The Symbus Q wirelessly charges, provides extra ports, connects devices, and fits into your pocket

The Moshi Symbus Q is a literal two-bird-one-stone scenario, with the added benefit of the stone being a stylish rectangle that’s compact enough to fit right into your backpack. The Moshi Symbus Q provides you with a way to wirelessly charge your smartphone (even through rugged cases) while giving your laptop extra ports to work with, namely a 4K HDMI, Ethernet, and 2x USB 3.0 ports. Additionally, it comes with a USB Type-C input that supplies it with power, and a USB Type-C output that you can plug into your laptop to fast-charge it too.

The Symbus Q does a couple of useful things and does it well. Its advanced Q-coil technology allows it to wirelessly charge your smartphone through cases as much as 5mm thick (so you could charge your phone through a Pop-socket). The wireless charging surface is a plush fabric that cushions your phone without scratching it, paired with a non-slip pattern printed on it that holds your phone in place. The rest of the Symbus Q is a nifty aluminum body that looks great alongside your laptop, while ultimately dissipating heat to remain cool as it juggles all its activities, whether it’s the ability to give your laptop an external 4K display, or super-fast 1000mbps speeds via a wired internet connection, or just the ability to plug your USB drives into your Type-C laptop or ultrabook. A perfect multitasking metallic cuboid for the multitasking professional.

Designer: Moshi