Washing with Air

Air Wash is a revolutionary way to clean garments using NO water and NO detergent! The eco-friendly design captures, compresses and converts CO2 into its liquid form which has the unique natural ability to penetrate and remove stains and dirt. Not only saving energy and freshwater during the wash cycle, there’s also no need to tumble dry! Once the wash cycle is over, the door automatically opens and the CO2 liquid instantly evaporates, leaving clothes fresh and dry.

Designer: Mani Shahriari


  • stephen russell says:

    Mass produce, for apts, condoes, homes & hotels & resorts alone
    & cruise ships (save space & energy alone)

  • StupidIdea says:

    Really?? A washing machine with an exhaust tube? What a great idea!! More Co2 to the atmosphere, more polution to get people more sick so pharmaceuticals can make more money, etc… yeah why not right?

  • mani says:

    Sorry you missunterstood:

    Air wash captures CO2 from the atmosphere and under pressure makes liquid CO2, and stores it in a tank. For each load Air wash will use some of this CO2 and continuously will take more CO2 out of the air and fills the tank at all time. Because we used liquid CO2, the moment the washing cycle is over and the washing machine doors opens up all the liquid CO2 left in the textile will evaporate resulting in a totally dried Garmet at the end of each cycle.

    Here are some highlights for this revolutionary washing machine:

    1- NO WATER- globally we can save trillions of cubic meters of water each and every year.
    2- NO DETERGENT- we can take billions of liter of chemicals which eventually ends up in our lakes rivers or ground water.
    3- save energy – by the nature of this technology we can save immense amount of energy eliminating the need to dry clothes.
    4- Better cleaning results- when compared to the current methods.
    5- ease of use – be it online, or by using different AAPs.
    6- shorter wash cycle – resulting in additional energy saving.
    7- antibacterial result – which is a direct effect of using CO2 as I washing detergent.
    8- reduce CO2 in the atmosphere – even though the reduction will be exiguous, we still can realize reduction never the less, when we count the global use of it.

  • grace says:

    is this available for sale in Abuja Nigeria. Pls respond. [email protected]

  • Reeno Guzman says:

    Please contact me I would like to become an investor of your product in the Philippines

  • Mani says:

    Sorry but it`s only a future concept.
    Its not for sale.

  • Stve says:

    Wouldn’t the energy required to capture, compress, and cool the CO2 be more than the current amount of energy required to wash & dry clothes? Also, the wash chamber would have to operate at either very low temperature, or very high pressure to utilize the liquid CO2, which could make it unsafe for consumer use.

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