A Wireless Hairdryer That’s Fit for Display!

Some household products appear aesthetically neglected in regard to their often out-dated design, and one of these offenders is the hairdryer. Not only are the bulky, unimaginative and undesirable devices a bit of an eye-sore, but they can also be extremely inconvenient when it comes to storing them. Reef offers a solution to these problems, by carrying a form that you won’t want to hide!

The form of Reef was dictated by the comfort of the user; the user-optimized grip led to a form that is almost symmetrical, allowing for a beautiful sense of balance. Gone is the annoying, restrictive cable that limits the user and makes storing the device difficult; the handheld device sits upon a base that houses wireless charging capability!

Reef’s considered design language is shared across both components of the product; gentle, flowing curves have been paired with subtle surface detailing, which are accompanied by flashes of gold that make it perfect for the domestic environment!

Designers: Seungeop Lim & Kim Hyunsoec