A dehumidifier or a piece of furniture?

For the vast majority of the time dehumidifiers aren’t pretty, they aren’t designed to be features in the room and their aesthetics don’t drive the design, but instead they are functional and efficient products with just their primary use in mind. But does this have to be the case?

‘Drip’ is less of a dehumidifier and more of a highly functional piece of furniture! With a design that has been inspired by a Dutch Coffee Machine, the water drips into a collection reservoir and becomes the main feature of the design. This 3.5 liter, clear reservoir enables the user to know exactly when it needs emptying as they can visibly see the amount of dehumidification inside.

While the form drove its design, practical elements of Drip have also been greatly considered; most noticeably perhaps is the silicone top, which makes for an excellent side table!

Designer: Lee Hyo Min

“This project is tried to get off the basic dehumidifier’s form and home appliances’ cold images. so I suggest the product which name is ‘DRIP’ that would be looked like furniture more than home appliances,” Lee told Yanko Design.

Waterspout’s main body is made by plastic and the top is made by silicon.

User can know instinctively the time which should empty water from inside and amount of dehumidification. The maximum amounts is 3.5L.