This Acer projector’s unusually captivating form is actually guided by function

Its twisting octagonal cross-section isn’t merely an aesthetic design detail, but is rather indicative of how versatile the projector is. Unveiled today at Acer’s product launch in Berlin, the C250i projector is a multipurpose product that does everything from movies to teleconferencing. Designed to connect to your phone via Bluetooth, or plugged to your device via the traditional HDMI setup, the C250i can be used in landscape as well as portrait mode, casting a pixel-rich 1080p Full-HD image on your wall.

Its ability to be used horizontally (for movies) or vertically (for facetiming) helps it compete with traditional projectors as well as portable pico-projectors. The swirling-octagonal design furthers its abilities by allowing you to place it at any angle you want (each facet of the octagon gives it an angular increment of 45°), so you can project an image perfectly from a table, or even from the floor, by angling the C250i upwards. Want to push things further? How about you keep it on you bedside table, facing it directly 180° upwards at the ceiling for a comfortable movie-watching experience from the warmth of your bed! Its 5 hour battery life should easily last you through either 2 movies or 5-10 episodes of your favorite series… plus with its powerful in-built speaker, the C250i is literally a portable movie-theater.

Designer: Acer