Quirky flashlight mimics the feeling of holding a smartphone

So much has been crammed into that rectangular bar that we call a phone, that it only makes sense that the rectangular bar be recognized as one of the most iconic shapes of our time. Referred to as the candybar, the smartphone has spurred movements where wallets, power-banks, and even projectors are literally the shape and size of a candybar. Ouyang Ling’s playful flashlight adds one more product to that list.

The quirky flashlight comes with a grip that’s literally smartphone-shaped, because we’re so used to holding that form. Almost like a boolean-union between the conical head of a flashlight and the 10mm thick block of a smartphone, the Next Flashlight (as Ling calls it) feels instantly familiar to the touch, and even comes with a switch on the edge where you’d see the phone’s volume rockers. I wonder if the flashlight runs on smartphone-style lithium ion batteries too…

Designer: Ouyang Ling