Modular roof-shaped lighting that goes from your desk to your floor with ease!

Lamps are an almost essential addition to our workspaces, they allow us to burn the midnight oil or introduce a little bit of atmosphere into the room, in fact, they are used in a plethora of different environments for an extensive list of uses! This is the exact reason ‘Roof’ was designed.

Roof uses modular design to beautifully create a family of products, each created for their own unique use. As the name suggests, Roof gets its unusual design from the distinctive shape of conventional roofing; this element of the design is the only part that is consistently present on each of its many forms.

The interchangeable bases and supports allow it to transform into a lamp that is appropriate for the task at hand, without losing any of its beautiful personality. Packed into the over-sized base is a wireless charging pad that elegantly turns this lamp into a multifunctional, highly convenient and stunning piece of design.

Designer: Gunwoong Kim