A partition that purifies air!

An innovative way to introduce greenery into spaces, the Naava One is a partition that also doubles up as a vertical planter, dividing spaces as well as refreshing it aesthetically. The free-standing unit comes with a self-sufficient design that’s perfect for indoors. The housing, available in white and charcoal gray, holds the vertical forest, while its base stores the water needed to feed the plants. The Naava One even comes with its own light that doesn’t just nourish the plants, it also gives your room an ambient wash of light, while illuminating the greenery.

The Naava One comes as a singular unit that an be coupled with many of its kind. The unit can easily be moved around, thanks to wheels at the bottom, allowing you to add, modify, or remove partitions and change your space to suit your needs. Fitted with multiple species of plants, the Naava One can easily purify up to 60m2 of air, while the partition comes in a Duo format too, with greenery on both sides. An aesthetic and functional addition to your space, the Naava is perfect for offices as well as for homes. Go ahead, put some ‘living’ in your living room!

Designer: Naava