This desk has an assistant desk stacked on top, to hold more stuff for you

I love the cheeky design of the DUOO 2.0 Desk, as it efficiently adds a tier of holding space, for you to utilize well. It’s like having a tray or box on top of your desk, to hold smaller items like your phone, pens, watch… the ‘not very critical’ items, and then elevating it a little, so that you can keep additional gear under it.

Aesthetically, it looks very classy and complements the overall look of the desk. The mix of dark wood and black metal frame, just adds to the chic feel of the desk. Aside from the elevated tray, the design also includes a convenient cubby built into the table top, to hold your cables and wires, and keep the desk clutter-free.

Designer: Andrey Mohila for Zegen