Better Bottle for Baby, Adiri Natural Nurser Review

If you’ve ever been to a store that caters to mothers and newborns, you were probably overwhelmed at the selection. The number of bottle choices alone are staggering! One of the latest contenders is the accolade laden Adiri Natural Nurser. Designed by Whipsaw Inc. to simulate a mother’s breast and nipple using BPF FREE materials, it’s a baby bottle simplified in design but as it turns out may be better than the generic bottles flooding the market.

With the help of doctors and mothers, Whipsaw Inc. made the Adiri soft, safe and simple. It’s bottom loaded and dishwasher safe. The bottle is very grippy and tactile, not smooth like other bottles. The side is clearly labeled with volume markers and since the nipple is integrated into the bottle there’s only 2 pieces (aside from the cap).

I’m no mommy nor do I have any kids so outside of the usual product inspection, this was best reviewed by someone with a newborn. I lent the bottles (colors correspond to life stages) to my friend and her baby. Her main concerns were about nipples crumbling into small rubber baby might ingest, easy to clean and sanitize, and air swallowing.

After a month, she’s has mostly positive feedback; loves the bottom loading design because it makes it much easier to refill but grew to dislike it, more on that later. Loves the soft material and the nipple is still completely intact. Depending on who you ask, the general consensus is a bottle’s nipple design is extremely important because it determines how air-tight a baby’s latch is. Because the Adiri is shaped like a woman’s breast and nipple, the assumption is baby’s latch will be as air-tight as the real thing.

On to the cons. The bottom loading design tho convenient ends up being more trouble than traditional bottles. You have to place the cap on, invert and pour and pour fast because the nipple almost immediately beings to drip into the cap. After some trial and error we found out you have to correctly and squarely place the cap on to prevent dripping. The other thing she hates is not being able to use it with bottle warmers. The bottom is simply too thick to conduct heat well enough and the whole ordeal ends up take more time and hungry babies in waiting means more stress for mommy.

What we liked:

  • Soft natural squishy shape, really easy to handle
  • Super easy to clean being dishwasher safe
  • Nipple design and “Petal” design simulate a mother’s nipple and areola
  • Various colors to represent baby’s life stages
  • Great modern design

What could be improved:

  • Bottom loading causes dripping unless you place the cap squarely on
  • A complete set of 3 is $27, twice as much as other sets

Mothers are extremely picky about what their babies use and at the end of the day $27 means nothing if baby loves it. My friend has since switched from the Playtex Drop-In bottles to the Adiri. Bottle warming is still a chore but she’s managed to reschedule her routine so the bottle is able to sit on the warmer for much longer before feeding time. She loves the design but the main driving factor behind her decision was the bottle’s BPA-FREE source and easy to clean design. It’s much easier for water to enter from a wide opening at the bottom than a narrow one at the top. She whole-heartedly recommends the Adiri system.

Designer: Whipsaw Inc. [ Buy it Here ]


  • Armin says:

    I don’t have any kids (as far as I know 😉 ), but why do you need “Various colors to represent baby’s life stages” ? In case you have multiple babies? brakfast , lunch & supper? or do the different nutrients interact with eachother (woa?!)? Nice looking bottles btw.

    • Long Tran says:

      Each color is designed for an age range, the white bottle is for 0-3 months for example. As babies get older, they suckle differently and with greater pressure. A woman’s breast has the wonderful ability of adapting but bottles have to be separated into stages.

  • Mowgli says:

    its about time they reinvented the baby bottle..

  • Eric says:

    Might as well paint them to look like a boob too! Ok kidding, I think it’s a great idea but here is my 2 cents- Why on earth make 3 separate bottles? Is there really NO WAY to interchange tips because it’s bottom load? What a waste!! That by far takes the cake as the worst feature of this product for me. Also the concept of the design is to keep it soft, whereas BPA in plastic is present to make it hard and stiff, so of course it’s BPA-free! For safety sure, but necessity? Absolutely.

  • Randi K. says:

    On behalf of Adiri, Inc., thank you the great feedback on our Adiri Natural Nurser. As parents and perfectionists, we appreciate hearing about both the pros and the cons of our products.

    We take consumer feedback very seriously, and have been working to improve the performance of the Natural Nursers so that potential leaking is minimized.

    As you can imagine, to achieve such a supple texture and large breast-like shape for the Adiri Natural Nurser, we had to rethink bottle-feeding. In fact, we literally turned it upside down. Only by making the Natural Nurser a bottom-filled bottle could we achieve our goal of giving babies a more breast-like feeding experience.

    The trade-off for making a larger, domed nipple shape was the need to co-mold it(attach it) to the bottle itself. Thus, the nipples are not modular (cannot be separated from the bottle).

    Once we co-molded the nipple and the bottle to create the sleek, supple form, the only choice for filling and venting was the at the bottom.

    As for warming the milk / formula Adiri offers Warming Caps that cover the vents on the base of the bottle for use with bottle warmers or submersion in warm water. Alternately, many of our customers tell us that they warm the liquid before filling the bottles.

    If you want to know more about the Adiri Natural Nurser, contact me at [email protected] or visit

    Randi Kofman
    VP of Marketing, Adiri Inc.

    • Carissa says:

      I can’t find these in any store near me. My baby will not take a bottle and would really like to try ONE. I don’t want to buy a set of 3 I already have 20 bottles that e won’t take lol can you send me a site to order accordingly?

  • Eric says:

    Maybe just have one bottle with different sleeves you can roll over the bottle (that each have different tip stiffness) I guess similar to a condom. I think it might save a little bit more resources. (might solve some bottom load/heating issues as well since you wouldn’t necessarily have to bottom load anymore…) Just a thought I had that seemed more efficient/versatile.

  • amazonloveafrica says:

    hehe i want to get one !

  • angela says:

    are there any of these bootles available in australia?

  • angela says:

    are there any of these bootles available in australia?

  • huggy8 says:

    I would love to try the new version with my new baby!!! I didn’t try them the first time around because of the negative reviews 🙁 ADIRI send me some samples!!!

  • Kyle says:

    The Adiri 2.0 is coming out with removable/interchangable nipples, look for it in Fall 2011!!!

  • September says:

    Best thing ever made!! This is by far the coolest thing and I seriously need some for my son!!

  • alicia says:

    Where can i buy it?

  • Danicab3 says:

    Bottle is nice and everything but one thing I’ve noticed is my newborn gets frustrated with bottels because the milk doesn’t come out fast enough. With the breast you have tons of streams of milk coming out when you get your let down and with the bottle it’s just one single stream. Which going from a boob to bottle can be frustrating for a new born.

  • crizal bojos says:

    im from philippines…where can i buy this in our country.

  • lindz says:

    Where can youpurchase these?

  • Laura says:

    Hello, i would like to buy this bottle, where can i find them?

  • vens says:

    still that effective ?

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  • Jessica says:

    What stage do i need to purchase my son is 3months?

  • Linda B Mukholi says:

    I love them, how easily can we have these delivered to Kampala Uganda?

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