This dual-sided jacket blocks UV rays in the day, and increases visibility at night!

Twice as awesome as your favorite hoodie, the DuoTek serves different purposes in the day and at night. With a dual-fabric construction, the DuoTek can be worn both regularly as well as inside out. One side of the jacket serves as your classic black hoodie, but with the ability to block UV rays, while the other side increases your visibility in low-light, as it reflects light, keeping you visible and safe.

The jacket’s abilities come thanks to its specially engineered fabric, created by the guys at Fullframe Design who wanted to make a good, affordable, double-sided hoodie that you could wear both in the day as well as at night. DuoTek’s proprietary fabric, aside from being reflective on one side and UV absorbent on the other, is also waterproof, wind-proof, stretchable, breathable, and lightweight, making it easy to pack too. YKK zippers ensure the jacket’s quality is top-notch, while keeping the pocket waterproof too. It even comes with a stealth pocket in its back for keeping your valuables like your phone and wallet.

Conventional on one side and radical on the other, the hoodie is a fine-tuned blend of comfort and performance. Putting the tech in textile, the jacket remains functional in day or night in any sort of weather (the waterproof fabric and drawstring hoodie prove very useful in the rain too). Even with its dual-side fabric, the DuoTek manages to be on the lighter side, barely weighing 5 ounces. It’s perhaps the lightest reversible jacket in the world!

Designer: Fullframe Design

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DuoTek – The Ultralight Reflective & Reversible Jacket

High-performance reversible & reflective jacket for day and night. Made of high-tech fabrics, simplistic design at excellent value.

Why a Reflective Jacket?

When they took their first glance at a Reflective Jacket, they were completely astonished to know about its multi usages in Nighttime activities like Jogging and Cycling as well as its use as general outdoor wear. This useful wearable is also being featured by some famous brands as a fashion icon.

However, the problem is that the high-end jackets costing more than $500 are either really expensive or often almost impractical during day time. On the other hand, products costing from $20 to $80 are mostly of cheap quality because of using the same fabric of raincoats that makes the jackets heavy, non-breathable, unattractive, and somewhat rigid. Meanwhile the reflective layer goes off easily.

Introducing DuoTek

DuoTek Fabrics

Coating of reflective material makes the fabric unbreathable and somewhat rigid. The DuoTek Ultra Performance Fabric or in short DTUP Fabric developed by the FULLFRAME DESIGN, that makes it the very first in industry to develop a unique tech fabric that is softly reflective, anti-UV, breathable and waterproof at the same time while still keeping it ultralight and comfortable.


2 sides = Daytime Performance + Night Time Performance. Unlike other jackets, that are only wearable in a situation or time, the DuoTek provides you a multi-featured jacket either its day or night regardless of any season that makes it a two in one package deal.

Side A(GREY): Developed & designed to be reflective at night to keep you visible in dark.

Side B (BLACK): With an amazing anti-UV material, it is protecting you from Sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiations.

Ultra Light

Making a jacket super lightweight is just a simple task but making a Reversible Jacket with super-lightweight is on another level. Our DuoTek Jacket just weighs as much as an orange that makes it the lightest reversible jacket in the world.

Made to be packed easily and even much easier to carry in a daypack.

Simplistic Design

Its YKK zippers provide you with not one, not two, but FIVE waterproof pockets.

Moreover, its Rear pocket has Velcro design to store your phone safely and more conveniently when running.

Hood with drawstrings to keep you covered so that you can easily rack up miles in the heavy rain.

Machine washable for easy care.

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