This complete pill-shaped object is actually a hairdryer

Form and function marry well in the conceptual BR555 portable hairdryer. Inspired by the Braun 550 series – from 1976 – the new-age BR555 is designed to fit in your travel case. The power of the Sirocco fan, used in its construction, is good enough to work noiselessly as well dry your hair efficiently.

The design is very fluid if you ask me, it can be used as a travel piece, but at the same time it can fit well into any bathroom or dressing table. I like the fact that it has a completely folding form, and giving the dryer a completely compact footprint and making it easy to store it.

Designer: Jaekyu Jung

“Hairdryer products have more time not to be used than when they are used, so we have been considering designs that can harmonize in space such as bathrooms and dressing rooms,” Jung told Yanko Design.

“This hairdryer adopts a Sirocco fan. The Sirocco fan makes less noise. It features storage and portability by applying a structure that rarely folds the steering wheel among the Sirocco type. Minimalistic intake pattern, expressing the beauty and space harmony as a beauty product.”

“I disassembled a couple of hairdryers to see how that works also how the internal structure looks like and designed for and then tried to make a 1:1 prototype model to check the scale. The 90° is cordless and is powered by Li-ion battery, the body is made of ABS plastic and has a high polished finish. Its foldable design reduces baggage space making it ideal for both traveling and everyday use.”