Nendo puts imagination and delight into container lids!

Saying goodbye to the age old screw-on lids, Nendo’s Air Lids base themselves on physics and human behavior, looking peculiar yet playful, and delighting users with their functionality and inventiveness, as they challenge your notion of what lids should look and behave like. The result is an incredibly creative sets of reimagined lids, based on human needs like measured pouring, scooping, pinching, etc.

Crafted from fluoroelastomer, a food-grade material that feels “silkier” than regular silicone and has high elasticity while being chemical and stain-resistant, the air lids invoke actions like pinching, pushing, scooping, pulling, etc. The Pick-Up Lid lets you grab a pinchful of seasoning from the glass receptacle without making any contact with the food, while the Pinch Lid reveals a small scooping spoon when pressed. There’s also a Press Lid that opens up a diaphragm to allow easy pouring. A Pull Lid allows you to temporarily open the top of a bottle by relocating the sphere closing it, and a personal favorite is the push lid, that uses displacement to pour liquids such as oil out of a container without as much as even lifting the container, or wasting a single drop of oil!

The Air Lids were showcased at the Milan Design Week in 2018 and aim to highlight and symbolize a relationship between human and object. Rather than taking the status quo for granted, Nendo’s Air Lids are much more experience driven and generate a variety of emotions from the user, from curiosity to awe to eventual delight, staying with the users in their memories long after they’ve finished interacting with them!

Designer: Nendo for Daikin