A smartphone case that physically AND digitally protects your phone from the world!

Let’s face it. As brilliant and advanced as your smartphone is, it isn’t immortal. That thin, slippery, all-glass device is sure to show battle scars if you accidentally drop it somewhere. Most people buy at least one of two accessories along with their smartphone… a protective case, and a screen protector. It just so happens that the PhoneGlass is both those things.

PhoneGlass is a protective case for your smartphone that doesn’t just physically protect it from scratches and cracks… it provides an additional protective service for your screen too. Designed to fit onto the front of your phone rather than the back, PhoneGlass protects your phone as a conventional bumper case but also acts as a screen-protector with (wait for it) a privacy guard. Designed and developed using a special polarized glass, PhoneGlass prevents people around you from snooping in on your phone’s screen to see what you’re doing. With a very small angle of viewing, PhoneGlass only lets YOU see what’s on your screen, and not the person beside you. The polarized glass instantly blacks out if viewed from outside the viewing angle, while at the same time allowing you to use your phone’s touchscreen just as normally with incredible accuracy, and it doesn’t affect the phone’s front-facing camera or its face-recognition feature either. The polarized glass even blocks blue-light, making objects look clearer while reducing the screen’s harmful effects on your eyes.

What’s remarkable about the PhoneGlass though is that it’s completely reversible. Designed as a tempered-glass bumper with a polarized surface, the PhoneGlass can be mounted on your phone from the front as well as from the back. Mount it from the back and you’ve got a traditional protective case that absorbs shock and guards your phone. Mount it from the front and you still have those things… but you’ve also got yourself a privacy-screen-protector! The reversible design is clever because it accommodates for your phone’s design details like the receiver-earpiece on the front, and the camera-bump on the back.

PhoneGlass also comes in a double-sided case variant too. With a polarized privacy-glass screen-protector on the front, and an anodized metal case on the back, the PhoneGlass metal case provides all-round 360° protection. The two halves snap magnetically around your phone, giving you the powers of both a protective casing as well as a tempered screen-protector. The PhoneGlass comes designed for and compatible with most iPhones, going all the way from the 7 and 8 to the XR and the XS and XS Max, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S9+ and the Note 9. It seems like a sensible choice to want to put a protective case around your $1000 smartphone… so you might as well pick up one that doesn’t just physically protect your phone, but gives you digital privacy too!

Designer: Seok-Myong Kang of PixelRo

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PhoneGlass – Your Privacy Safeguard

PhoneGlass is a smartphone case that surely protects the privacy of the smartphone. Stay on the go, while helping keep your screen protected and your confidential texts, emails, calendars, and alerts, well, confidential as well as protecting your smartphone device.

Two particular functions of Phone Glass privacy case

– Peep preventing function
– Protection case function

Since PhoneGlass is made in case shape, it is dust resistant and can also withstand shock falls as well as protecting your screen privacy safe. With PhoneGlass, keep your screen shield always on.

Main Features

1.Easy to install and remove

PhoneGlass can be installed on both sides of the smartphone. When installed on the front, your privacy is guaranteed, and when installed on the back, you can easily share your screen with others as well as protecting the device.

Unlike regular screen protectors for the privacy that are not easy to peel off once it’s stuck, PhoneGlass can be simply attached and detached at any time you want to.

2. Powerful privacy protection

PhoneGlass designing with a special filter prevents your next person from seeing your smartphone screen.

3. Shock-resistant Structure – Air Cushion and Tempered Glass

Transparent air-cushion protectors are mounted around the corners of PhoneGlass, so your smartphone with PhoneGlass is able to survive from drop-damages.

PhoneGlass with strong elasticity and flexibility functions of the air-cushion protector entertains great adsorption to your smartphone that protects phone free from external shocks without harm. Besides, it is produced with a 9H strength tempered glass in order to be resistant to scratches.

Additional Features

High Light Penetration – Screen Clarity+Superior Touch Screen Accuracy

Due to high light penetration, you can get clear and precise display screen and highly delicate touch.

Anti-Blue Light

PhoneGlass protects your eyesight by blocking the blue light.

Special Edition

Advanced Metal Cases – to protect the entire Smartphone


Development Process

pixelRo is a startup venture company that was launched as an independent company under Samsung Electronics’ internal venture incubation program, called (C-Lab) Creative Lab. We are currently developing functional films and applications for smartphones based on our experience and technical skills.

Click Here to Buy Now: $18 $22 (18% off). Hurry, Early Bird Offer.