The iPhone 14 with a sliding display could be Apple’s answer to the folding iPhone

Apple has just launched the new iPhone 13 series, which has left many of us dumbstruck with the photographic capabilities and beautiful ProMotion displays on offer. While consumers are still headed for the four beauties in the lineup with open wallets, there is still a lingering question in the mind of fans whether the iPhone 14 will be the iconic design change we are all looking for. Taking the liberty to experiment with this design, ConceptsiPhone has created extreme renders of how the next-generation Apple phones should be.

The insane renders of the iPhone 14 with a sliding concept are far and above what Apple would likely have in mind at this point. The Cupertino company however has been toiling with the folding iPhone idea since 2016. The tech giant has been through a few patents since, but it has chosen to remain silent about the possibility of an iPhone to rival the Galaxy Fold and Flip series handsets from Samsung. Apple is weighing its options as other OEMs – Samsung included – fine-tune the wrinkles in the folding devices; and it prefers to stick to the more acceptable brick form factor.

The biggest upgrade to the iPhone, many would trust, will be a folding form factor, which will be a stark difference to its image, and give fanboys a little more to consider as they weigh their options. In such a scenario, a Nokia-style sliding keyboard would make more sense than a book-like folding phone. If you are from the same school of assumptions; this new concept with a second slider screen will be a definite yes.

The renders and video of the iPhone 14 slider concept shared by ConceptsiPhone show the iPhone 14 in new and beautiful colors and revives the Touch ID biometric system under the display. In addition to the sliding design, the idea of a notch-less iPhone is what fans have been longing for Apple to adopt. That didn’t stand to change in the iPhone 13 – where the notch has been slimed slightly though – but if Apple can do away with it in the coming models, this concept shows how the phone could appear.

What has really caught my eye with these renders is the throw-back design. Yes, the images do away with the new square-edged design that Apple achieved with the iPhone 12 and has transpired into the iPhone 13. The idea is lost in this concept, which feels the iPhone 14 should reflect back the design that was before the iPhone 12. While the sliding XDR display concept is a deal for some, it’s the triple camera on the back that we would definitely want Apple to take a leaf from. The camera array is extremely sleek, no camera bump to show. Apple has a slight camera bulge in iPhone 13, in iPhone 14 we would love to see that go flat along the phone’s back.

Apple still remains adamant with switching from lightning port to USB-C, which European Union at least is pushing to become a standard for all companies to follow. There were rumors initially that iPhone 13 could be a port-less device, relying on MagSafe charging completely. It hasn’t happened this year, and ConceptsiPhone assumes, it’s not going to be the case with iPhone 14 either; but the new device could arrive with Air charging as an option along with MagSafe, which we assume is going to stay for long!

Designer: ConceptsiPhone