These outdoor clothes are proof that crowdfunding is revolutionizing the fashion industry

Crowdfunding has done much more for small entrepreneurs than any other platform has, but that doesn’t mean entrepreneurs have stood to benefit off the concept of crowdfunding, because in many ways platforms like Kickstarter have helped catalyze innovation. Clothes made from kevlar, jeans made from recycled plastic bottles, or towels that can reverse signs of aging. None of these would really exist, or even stand a chance at existing, outside the crowdfunding realm. Crowdfunding has categorically disrupted many industries, and the fashion industry is no exception either.

Camilo Meija’s journey as a small-time entrepreneur speaks of that industry-disrupting change too. His company, The Frenchie Co. specializes in hand-crafted apparel that’s teeming with innovation, one of which involves a patented copper-fiber blended into the fabric that reduces joint pain you’d get from a sedentary lifestyle. The copper fibers also help make the clothes anti-odor and anti-bacterial, allowing them to stay fresher for longer.

Meija’s latest brainwave is to extend this technology to travel-fashion, a burgeoning industry. Imagine only needing two pairs of clothes for a 10 day vacation. They’d fit comfortably, never gather odor or get dirty, and you’d only need to wash them after wearing them at least 5-6 times. Referring to it as the Ultimate Travel Clothing, Meija’s idea is to make garments that you can wear everyday, over and over again, saving you loads of space while packing, and even taking the tension of laundry off your mind. The Ultimate Travel Clothing comes with the copper-fiber technology that allows you to sit through long flights without getting joint pains, while even eliminating the need to be periodically washed after each time you wear it. The clothes that currently span a t-shirt and pair of jeans come with anti-wrinkle technology too, so you never need to carry a travel iron with you, and feature a stretchable, breathable fabric so you’re comfortable at all times.

Optimized for travel, the jeans come with anti-theft pockets, giving you a safe space to store your passport and cash while you’re in a foreign country. What’s more is that they pack built-in adjustment straps, so you never need to wear a belt… or conversely, you never need to take your belt off every time you pass through security at an airport. Smart, no?!

To bundle this line of fashion together, the guys at The Frenchie Co. even designed a travel backpack that can fit all your essentials along with the Ultimate Travel Clothes, giving you all your luggage for a weekend getaway in a slim backpack that promptly expands from 20 to 40 liters whenever you need. The backpack features 29 easy-to-access pockets, including padded compartments for your laptop and DSLR. Rain-resistant fabric makes sure your belongings never get wet outdoors, and a rather innovative magnetic flap system arrests movement of the bag’s zippers so a thief can never access them while you’re unaware.

What The Frenchie Co. presents is a new way of traveling. It’s designed to be comfortable, breathable, long-lasting, and saves you the hassle of finding laundry services while you travel. The anti-odor and anti-wrinkle garments can be worn day in and day out, so you don’t need to carry spare sets of clothing, and that sufficiently advanced backpack just bundles it all together, to show you that you can carry a week’s worth of clothes in a backpack, rather than having to rely on a massive check-in trolley-bags!

Designer: Camilo Meija

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Travel Gear Re-defined

T-shirts, jeans, & backpacks engineered for travel, with more than 20 features. Thanks to the patented copper fibers, these clothes require around 10X less washing than traditional ones, therefore 10X less luggage space and getting 10 t-shirts/jeans for the price of 1.

Jeans that feel like pajama pants but look like jeans.

Two anti-theft hidden pockets for your valuables.

Adjusting straps to avoid using a belt. Now you can go through airport security like a pro!

Below: The Ultimate Travel Bag

Thanks to the patented anti-theft magnetic closure system our backpack provides super fast access without compromising security.

Have you ever had one strap longer than the other? Thanks to the patented self-adjusting straps design this will no longer be a problem.

Rain resistant fabrics and YKK zippers.

Daily bag to travel bag in seconds.

Below: Buying Guide for the Jeans and T-Shirt

To accurately get your size, follow the steps below. Take your best fitting jeans and measure them as follows (try to find the closest fit to slim fit for men and medium rise skinny fit for women):

Step 1: Lay them on a flat surface (do NOT stretch them and make sure they are unworn).
Step 2: Measure the width and length* as follows:

*Only men

Step 3: Compare them with the measurements from our jeans. Get your size from our size chart.

– Go for a lower size if you want a tighter fit and for a higher size if you want a looser fit.
– Our Jeans fit is slim for men and medium rise skinny for women.

To accurately get your size, follow the steps below. Take your best fitting t-shirt and measure it as follows:

Step 1: Lay it on a flat surface (do NOT stretch it and make sure it’s unworn).
Step 2: Measure the width.
Step 3: Compare them with the measurements from our t-shirts. Get your size from our size chart.

Click Here to Buy Now: $97 $108 (10% off).