Doodle-able Table

The Matchbox table was named for its unique resemblance to an old-school matchbox created by its contrasting materials. It merges playfulness with modern elegance in an occasional table you can write on. On one end, raw wood makes a clean surface for placing objects, and on the other is a chalkboard surface for drawing, scribbling ideas, or creating your own unique designs!

Designer: Timothybenfurniture


  • eden says:

    The wood grain looks good, plus that chalk pad is a realy cute addition,that’s if you get to keep the kids to stick to it

  • James says:

    Exactly. This idea has been featured on yanko a few times in various forms, the main issue you’d have with this is that children will not stick to the blackboard section. They will scribble all over the rest of it and that’ll be a pain trying to clean inbetween the grain. One other thing is that if the wooden section has things on it, ie drinks, ornaments etc, I can easily see a child knocking everything over. If it was targeted towards adults for quickly jotting down information like when you’re on the phone for example, then it could have more focus.

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