This scratching post + bed is everything our furry feline overlords need

It’s a common belief that cats have basically three primary emotions. Curiosity, displeasure, and sass (I’d say hunger too, but hunger isn’t an emotion). Don’t expect cats to display gratitude for the stuff you give them because they aren’t empathetic beings. They’ll ignore the scratch-post you got for them, and they’d rather sleep in someone else’s bed than their own. However, surprise them with something that piques their curiosity and they’ll probably give it more attention. The KATRIS Nest combines a cat-bed with a scratching post to create something new that should truly surprise your feline companion. Created with a 100 corrugated sheets lined up to form a highly textured ring with a comfy felt base, the KATRIS Nest is a tactile delight. Designed for rubbing, scratching, and resting, the Nest uses sturdy but lightweight materials, and comes with a removable felt cushion to reveal a periodically-replaceable corrugated scratching pad at the bottom.

The Nest isn’t like most cat-products. It taps into a slightly bizarre side that seems pretty cat-appropriate. Given how cats are obsessed with cardboard boxes, the Nest pretty aptly chooses corrugated cardboard as its primary material, with a felt base for comfort. The bed’s shape and size is perfect for a cat to comfortably snuggle into, while the removable base turns the bed into a massaging+scratching toy to keep the cat entertained. You could even sprinkle some catnip into the corrugated paper slats to give your cat yet another thing to be surprised and amazed by. The cat isn’t a conventional animal, and the KATRIS Nest isn’t a conventional bed… that’s your match made in feline heaven!

Designer: Team KATRIS

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KATRIS Nest – The Multi-Functional Cat Lounge

A multi-functional cat lounge fit for rubbing, resting, and scratching. The team has worked to design the KATRIS Nest into the perfect bowl shape, constructed with high density eco-friendly material to ensure that your cat has a reliable place to spend their day.

The Nest is built with 100+ side panels that slightly shift when your cat rubs their back, giving them the perfect back rub all at the same time. The felt material that covers the center of the KATRIS Nest is perfect for cats to comfortably lounge on all day long.

The center scratching pad is replaceable, and it’s especially great for scratching. With the KATRIS Nest, your cat has a great outlet to relieve stress! Unlike similar products, the KATRIS Nest is breathable and is the perfect spot for your cat to keep cool, even on those hot summer days.

Below: 3 Key Features


The 100+ side panels move slightly with your cat’s body to provide the perfect back rubs.

The removable felt cover in the center provides added comfort for your cat.


The replaceable center scratch pad is made with high-density material to help your cat relieve tension. Premium selected corrugated material lasts longer than typical cat scratchers.

Both the center fabric and circle pad are replaceable!


The unique design is the perfect shape for curling up on a hot summer day and is designed to be breathable and to prevent overheating. The 19” bowl shape design is the perfect size for any cat to lay and sleep comfortably.

PS: Also fits for small puppies, there’s plenty room!


KATRIS Nest Development Journey

The idea for the KATRIS Nest started when our founder Jeff noticed that his cat Ceo was always rubbing his back on the carpet. Jeff knew that KATRIS had the materials and the passion to produce it. At that time, KATRIS only specialized in cat furniture, but today, they are beginning to explore a new kind of product with the KATRIS Nest.

The hardest part in developing the KATRIS Nest was finding the perfect bowl shape. The team tried various shapes at first and went through various prototypes to find the right one, but the nest shape proved to be unbeatable.

This perfect shape includes 100+ side walls that are corrugated to form the rounded structure. With this complex design, the KATRIS Nest became a comfortable cat lounge, as well as a unique design piece in any home.

The design is perfect for cats to rub their back on because the material has a slight give that moves as the cat rubs. After the design, the next step was perfecting the material used in the making of the KATRIS Nest.

The eco-friendly corrugated material the team decided to use is durable, lightweight, and breathable, ultimately making it the most obvious choice.

The second material that covers the center of the KATRIS Nest is made with felt, and the soft, but slightly textured material offers a soft place for cats to lay.

Below: How to Assemble the KATRIS Nest

Click Here to Buy Now: $34 $38 (10% off).