The iron’s traditional form gets revamped for cleaning tables

What do you get when you cross an iron and a steam cleaner? Well this intriguing concept, of course. This idea was born during the disassembly of an iron that we commonly use for removing creases in our clothes. Two of the traditional iron’s design features were transferred to this new usage as a Table Steam Cleaner.

The tables within restaurants are home to an abundance of germs and bacteria, which can be effectively killed with a steam cleaner. This Table Steam Cleaner concept uses the high-temperature pasteurization of steam to create a cleaner, more sterile surface in restaurants. The form of the iron heavily influenced the shape of the hand-held device, but the geometric angles were replaced by a more curved structure. While it can be easily charged with a USB-C type cable, it also has a wireless mode to be used during messy rush-hour times. What hasn’t changed from the iron is the triangular base that we are now familiar with. But rather than reaching every corner of a dress shirt, it instead reaches every part of a table!

Designer: Jeon Minwoo

Idea Sketch

Product Dissection

Below: 1. Mass Study / 2. Detail Composition / 3. CMF

Fill 80ml of water by opening the top lid.

Press button to warm up, check the preheating has been completed by the LED signal.

The bottom pad can be replaced simply by removing the velcro.

Use it wirelessly and can be charged with USB-C.

Below: Making Process