This circuit board desk integrates a cabling solution to give you the ultimate wire-free desk setup!

As I write from my desk, a countless number of wires hang on and tangle between my legs: the trio of cables coming from my WiFi Router, the designated spots for my phone and laptop chargers, along with some other wires whose purposes remain unknown to me. Surely, the mess of wires underneath my desk pales in comparison to the likes of a graphic designer or website coder, but it goes without saying that when it comes to cable organization, it seems we could all use some help.

CableTread, a standing desk with a built-in cable organizer, was conceived with San Francisco-based, where Tom Gielselmann recruited Nick Allen to develop a “circuit-board desk.” Together, over the course of a year, they redefined what cable organization looks like, winning the Red Dot Design’s 2020 Innovative Award. The printed circuit board is relatively familiar for any young person who grew up on science-fiction spy movies but also stands as the inspiration behind CableTread. Simply put, the printed circuit board is an electrical connector that mechanically supports electronic components through conductive pathways. A clever reinterpretation of the circuit board’s purpose, it makes sense that the organizational scheme for CableTread’s underbelly mimics the electric roadways of circuit boards since both seem to make some sense out of an intimidating mess. The gut of CableTread, the underside of the standing desk, also carries an embedded Mac Mini, two defined mounts for USB accessories, a power strip with six feet worth of cord extension, cable slack management, and a flush mount heigh control assist button, all in addition to the desk’s physical wireframing.

CableTread desks embed cables inside the desktop itself so that technological hardware can function as expected without that unsightly mess of tangled wires above or below a computer screen. Dedicated channels weave, twist, and turn underneath CableTread’s topside, inside of which wires nestle, ensuring that workspaces stay clean and tidy. The natural elasticity of cables is what provides them with the ability to cling to the weaving of different, predetermined channels. As wires bend, they press up against the hardest, closest surface available, in this case, the walls that surround the varying, twisting channels, ensuring that they remain tightly fastened. CableTread also has some integrated features for the top of its desktop, including an integrated monitor mount and an inset magic keyboard and trackpad. Along the ridge of CableTread, an E1 and Carb2 certified valchromat boarders the desk and provides extra wood fiber paneling for high physical performance, making the desk as durable as it is organized. The minimalist workstation is currently only available for pre-order exclusively in the Bay Area, come early 2021.

Designers: Nick Allen, Tom Gielselmann x

Integrated monitor mount

Embedded Mac Mini

Inset magic keyboard and trackpad

E1 + CARB2 certified valchromat

Two USB accessory mounts

Power strip with six feet worth of cord extension

Cable slack management

Linak desk frame

Flush mount height control