Timetelling made minimal, made simple.

With the title of the Stormtrooper Clock, Guillaume Saussey’s timepiece design is simple both in color and in form. With the classic black and white Stormtrooper aesthetic from Star Wars, the clock uses black-on-white contrast to create dynamism, while keeping the clock’s working foolishly simple… much like the troopers themselves. To complete the Stormtrooper aesthetic, the clock even has a logo on the back inspired by the Stormtrooper uniform!

The way the clock works is rather simple too. Three circles at the 3 o’clock position denote the time by displaying the hour, minute, and second values accordingly. Numbered discs on the inside rotate as time progresses, while the circular holes on the clock’s face give you a clear indication of the time. It’s as simple as it gets!

Designer: Guillaume Saussey for Render Weekly