These laser-engraved city maps turn Urban Planning into an Artform!

Most people hang vintage nautical maps on their wall, for their cartographic artistry. Maps from different times and eras had different design styles, used different paints and pigments on a variety of materials, even contained different information, and were a wonderfully classic way to add a touch of antiquity to your space. The problem is that people don’t view modern maps the same way, but there is beauty in civic planning. Modern cities are designed to suit urban life, but even in the chaos of skyscrapers, apartment complexes, roads, highways, bridges, bylanes, intersections, and ghettos, there’s artistic beauty just waiting to be uncovered.

City Wood is a more contemporary take on vintage atlas artwork. It takes modern cities and neighborhoods and turns their urban landscape into laser-cut artwork, allowing you to observe and admire your city like never before! Taking topographical details and turning them into vectorized art, City Wood uses laser engraving to carve your city’s map onto a wooden ply, which is then sandpaper-finished by hand and layered against a wooden backdrop to give you a remarkably precise replica of your favorite city or neighborhood in top view, complete with all the roadways in relief, and all the buildings etched out. Water-bodies like lakes and rivers are given further depth, and contrasted with a different selection of wood, creating a piece of art that combines your love for a city or a neighborhood with the decorative appeal of a wall-hung sculpture!

A rather innovative take on wall-art, the A’ Design Gold Award-winning City Wood’s laser-engraved city maps are great for preserving memories of a city, town or district that is special to you, be it where you were born, where you grew up, or even a favorite holiday destination!

Designer: Hubert Roguski

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CityWood – Minimal 3D Laser Cut Wooden Maps

Beautiful, minimalist 3D laser cut wooden map that tells a story about a city you love. The CityWood Map is created from city data that is transferred into the computer. Features such as roads and rivers are converted into layers to create depth of the design.

They use 3/32 inch (3mm) sheets of high-quality plywood, all of which are hand finished. Each layer is laser cut with a one hundredth of a millimeter precision and polished with sand paper to provide smooth clean surface. Wooden surface is finished with varnish to add color and material durability. Each map is unique due to the individual grain of the wood. All maps are assembled by hand with great attention to the creating process.

CityWood Map – Popular Cities (many more available)

New York


Los Angeles


Hong Kong


CityWood Map – Elements

– wooden frame
– plexiglass
– street layer
– water layer
– wooden background

CityWood Map – Dimension

– Desk Size: 5″x7″ (12×18 cm)
– Small Size: 11″x14″ (28×35 cm)
– Standard Size: 18″x18″ (45 x45 cm)
– Medium Size: 24″x24″ (60×60 cm)
– Large Size: 36″x36″ (90×90 cm)
– Add frame dimensions (1″ on each side) for final size

Pinewood Laser Cut Streets City Maps 3d Framed Minimal Minimalist Wall Art Wood

Each art work is signed with its city name

CityWood Map – Award Winner

Winner of the German Design Award 2019

Click Here to Buy Now: $169.15 $199 (15% off). Hurry, offer ends August 1, 2019, midnight PST.