LEGO-like speakers stack up to wirelessly charge each other and your gadgets!

Wireless speakers seem to be the trend these days. With all the innovative designs coming up, have you ever heard of speakers inspired by stacked dishes? Designed by Korean product designer Seungyeol Lee, the Aperitivo Bluetooth Speaker Series is a collection of beautifully colored and textured wireless speakers. Consisting of three speakers in varied sizes named ‘D1, D2, and D3’, the entire set reminds one of the LEGO blocks we played with as children. But here comes the interesting bit, the larger speakers function as wireless charging units for the smaller speakers! The largest speaker D3 resembles an oval-shaped platform and can be used to charge D2 and D1. The medium-sized speaker D2 can be used to charge the littlest one that is D3. However, D3 being the baby of the collection cannot facilitate the charging of any speaker. Inspired by the ‘stacking of dishes’, the speakers must be placed on top of each other to initiate their charging. The largest one is connected to a charging point through a Type-C USB, whereas the other two are placed on top of it like a game of Jenga!

But here’s where it gets even better, the wireless charging feature isn’t limited to only the Aperitivo speakers, you can use the collection to charge any other electronic device compatible with wireless charging such as speakers of other brands, your iPhone, Apple Watch, etc. Each Aperitivo speaker has been provided with ample space on the top, allowing it to almost function like a holdall for your tech goodies, while they are being charged. A speaker that is also a part-time desk organizer? Pretty cool.

The smallest speaker can only be controlled using a smartphone, however, the other two are equipped with physical and touch interface. In today’s age, charging multiple devices with multiple chargers at multiple charging points can be a total nightmare! How is one even supposed to keep track of so much tech? However, Seungyeol Lee’s Aperitivo allows us to bundle up and charge our devices at one spot in one go! Available in a variety of pretty pastel colors, it’s aesthetics are spot on as well.

Designer: Seungyeol Lee