Igemon’s watches are inspired by one of history’s greatest civilizations


There’s so much we owe the Greeks for. Probably one of the most impactful civilizations of the world, Ancient Greece is responsible for giving us democracy, trial by jury, geometry, philosophy, history (the first documented historian was a Greek), theater, and even the Olympics. The modern world would be a very different place had it not been for the Greeks. We’d probably still be monarchist, wouldn’t have proper documented evidence of historic events, no theater, no Olympic games, and would still struggle to wake up at a predetermined time of the day, because believe it or not, the Ancient Greeks also gave us the alarm clock.

Igemon’s watches give the Ancient Greeks the hat-tip they rightfully deserve. Designed as an ode to one of the greatest civilizations, Igemon’s watch face is the first to feature Greek numerals in a wristwatch. Designed with the finest premium materials, using geometric shapes inspired from Greek architecture, Igemon’s uniqueness sets it apart, and its celebration of its heritage gives it cultural soundness.

The watch comes with an anodized 316L stainless steel body in a crisp circular design. It features a sapphire crystal glass on top to prevent the watch from scratches, a Swiss Ronda 763 caliber movement on the inside, and sandwiched between the two, a pristine watch face with not Arabic, not Roman, but rather Greek numerals, a system that predates the former two by a few hundred years. The numbers are laid out in the traditional 12 hour format, allowing them to be easily read, while a radial artwork on the watch face denotes the presence of 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour, while also making a reference to the Greek origins of geometry.

Designed in two sizes, Igemon comes in a 43mm diameter for men and a 40mm diameter for women. The watches come with 5 ATM waterproofing, and sport an eye-catching mesh strap, with an Italian leather alternative too. Designed to be a fusion of history and art together, Igemon puts culture around your wrist, and comes with a 2-year international warranty.

Designer: Giorgios Tsouknakis

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Igemon Watches – Where History Meets Art

Igemon is a watch meant to bring history in the foreground. As its prominent feature are the Greek numerals on the dial, it becomes clear that the preservation of the very long history of our civilization, is of primary importance to the design team.

For the past two years, the design team have devoted their mind and effort to creating a watch that would meet the highest standards as far as design and quality are concerned. Collaborating with highly skilled manufacturers, whom they have carefully selected, the team has received the finalized samples, which fully lived up to their expectations.

The next step was to proceed with safeguarding Igemon with a patent. The outcome is a watch boasting top quality materials and authenticity.

Igemon Watches – The Classic Collection for Men

Igemon Watches – For Women

Igemon Watches – Specs


– Greek numerals
– An anodized 316L stainless steel body
– Sapphire crystal glass on top to prevent the watch from scratches
– Swiss Ronda 763 caliber movement
– Traditional 12 hour format- 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour,
– Reference to the Greek origins of geometry

Case Dimensions:

– Men’s Collection: 43×9 mm
– Women’s Collection: 40×9 mm
– Strap size: 20 mm for both Men’s and Women’s Collections

Available strap colors:

– Mesh: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold
– Leather: Black, Brown (Alligator Pattern)
– Buckle: stainless steel pin buckle

Warranty: 2 years international warranty against manufacturing defects

The Total Watch Package

– The Total Watch Package contains two different strap options, a stainless-steel mesh bracelet and a premium Italian leather strap.

– Placed in a luxurious black leather box, you will also receive a full description of the specifications of your watch, a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing the use of the finest materials, as well as a thank you card in appreciation of your purchase.

The Vision

The vision is to diversify our product, offering complete collections of watches, inspired from ancient Greek deities, monuments, as well as prevalent figures, with a view to promoting the Greek civilization through the watches.

The Full Collection

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