Honda’s autonomous concept gives you a spacious view of the sky while you lounge within it

Due to safety barriers, the existing sparse infrastructure and lack of support for fully autonomous vehicles, we are yet to see these independent concepts reach their full potential. However, this intriguing concept may give us a glimpse into what the future holds for navigating the roads that make up our cities.

The Honda Skyroom plays with the roomy interior space that is created within the car by the removal of its control center. A relaxed, lounge-like treatment of the interior leads to a comfortable and subdued environment for travelers to reside. The outside sky is beautifully introduced to the inside of the cabin through the cylindrical opening that frames the sky above. The exterior of the car has received the same level of futuristic design; its unconventional form paired with the friendly, rounded curves leads to a vehicle design that we would love to see hit the streets!

Designer: Dahye Jeong