Ambular uses the sky to provide swift medical emergency response in crowded cities

Obviously executing an airlift in cities isn’t particularly feasible. You’ve got buildings, cars, pedestrians, telephone wires, traffic lights, along with a dozen other complications. Helicopters, no matter how small, can’t do the job in crowded cities, and regular ambulances end up bearing the brunt of congested roads and traffic. In swoops (quite literally) the Ambular, an eVTOL designed to provide medical airlifts in cities. Ambular can take off and land without needing a helipad, and can transport patients to medical centers safely, via air.

Ambular comes with six propellers (three on each side) that help it take off and land vertically as well as travel through the air. Given that Ambular will work in crowded cities, it makes sense that the propellers come with pretty strong guards around them, just in case they hit or snag something and get damaged. Each propeller is capable of pushing out 20kW of power, giving the Ambular the ability to carry patients up to 250lb for as long as 15 nautical miles.

Ambular’s small, city-friendly size comes from the fact that it lacks a cockpit. Patients are loaded into Ambular’s cabin, and an autonomous piloting system transports them to the hospital. The absence of a pilot, and of piloting controls allows Ambular to operate in relatively small real estate (as compared to helicopters, with a wing-to-wing span of approximately 20 feet.

Designers: Charles Bombardier and Martin Rico for Imaginactive