The Honeycomb Calculator buzzes with inspiration

On one hand of the spectrum, you have designs like the new Apple Mac Pro that sparked the debate of triggering trypophobia and on the other hand you have designs like the Honeycomb Calculator, that looks uber chic and elegant, and trigger nothing but the clever utilization of biomimicry. Paris based designer Alexandre Touguet crafted the Honeycomb Calculator as a desktop instrument that was easy to use and tie in the intelligence of bees.

Think about it, you would need a calculator to do the math, if you had to construct a honeycomb, but the intelligent bee inherently knows how to do it! Alexandre also hopes to drive in the point that bees are the pillar of our ecosystem and need to be preserved.

I like the way Alexandre has utilized the face of the calculator to showcase honeycomb keys design. They fit perfectly into place and while the numerals are designed as flat keys, the rest of the keys are with an indent, so that you can know the difference intuitively. The display light is strong enough for you to see, even if you are working with it in low-light.

Designer: Alexandre Touguet