Two minutes is all it takes for this jug to turn hot coffee into an icy-cold beverage

While this beverage-jug can’t really do the whole water-to-wine thing, it’s pretty darn miraculous anyway. Meet the Coldwave. It claims that it can, without any electricity, turn any room-temperature beverage cold in as little as 30 seconds… and can chill down boiling hot coffee in just under 2 minutes.

The Coldwave Beverage Chiller comes in two parts. A jug/pitcher to hold the beverage needed to be chilled, and a specialized lid that holds water. The lid’s unique design doesn’t sit above the jug, but rather inserts itself into the jug, immersing itself within the beverage. Store the lid in a freezer for a few hours and the water it holds turns to ice. Place the lid into the jar, and the ice instantly cools the beverage, without ever making contact with it. The lid’s design maximizes beverage-to-ice contact by increasing surface area, and allows you to cool your drink without diluting it.

The lid works much like those metallic or stone beverage-chillers, but uses a number of HDPE tubes (with ice inside) to instantly cool your beverage. Since the lid immerses itself into the jug, the Tritan-polymer jug comes with a maximum-filling line etched into it, so that your drink doesn’t overflow when the lid inserts itself in. The Coldwave Beverage Chiller can cool down as many as 2 hot beverages, or 6 room temperature beverages in a single freeze cycle, and can do so in a matter of seconds, without diluting your drinks. Now that’s a summertime miracle, if I’ve ever seen one!

Designer: Coldwave

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