How To ‘Not’ Put On Your Earrings

There’s been a lot of effort in transforming our ugly, but occasionally necessary, bluetooth headsets into something beautiful and ornamental but this headset by Ilshat Garipov almost crosses the line into complete ornament. Obviously designed for, and pulled off much better by, a woman, the piece took inspiration from the formation of a water droplet, housing a single button for receiving and ending calls. Now if only Ilshat would make something masculine for us guys; we occasionally like to look like self-important douchebags too!

Designer: Ilshat Garipov


  • M.S.W. says:

    Smooth and sleek.

    One question for the designer though.
    Why bother having the ON/Active light indicator on the outside of the unit like all other Bluetooth head/earsets?

    Since the stated intended goal here is to provide a Jewelry styling head/earset.
    To more effectively pull off the perception/illusion of jewelry it would be better to provide a pair of 2 (since most earings are worn in pairs ) The light indicator for ON/Active is only cared about by the wearer have it on the inside facing the ear drum ( very low light emitting and on the inside of the ear speaker so as not to illuminate the skin)

  • stevan says:

    “Self-important douchebags”
    Well put! I’m somewhat of a gadget geek and appreciate new technology but something about the people I see at the grocery store, etc. with blue tooth ear pieces just pushes my big irritation button bigtime.

    • why is that? The tech is for hands free comm, in some states mandated if you use a cell in your auto. Are your feathers ruffled because some of these people have grey hair and are not classic “geeks”?

  • Philip says:

    My job has me on the phone a lot and it is much more comfortable to use a headset. Why do people hate on these so much?

  • VoReason says:

    *Insert full speech about bluetooth headsets from Boondocks here*

  • stevan says:

    I agree, they are safer in the car. I guess what really bothers me is the ongoing conversation as if they were talking to themselves, and also in a store or public place? If you’re doing business, isn’t there a time and place? It can really interfere with interacting with people who are physically there. I can distinctly remember a time without cell phones, and it seems that the greatest need for them today is to satisfy the obsessive texter… the same or similar obsession as all those twitterers too, I just don’t get it.
    And have I told you that I had to walk to school all 20 miles, with my bare feet in 10 feet of snow when I was a youngin’?

    • Steve I am over 50, so I have experienced the whole run up of cells from the satchel, to the brick, to the flip and now to the all in one. People like to communicate, and as much as the twitter/texting thing escapes me I understand its all part of communication. Texting is the world of youth, why, because of eyesight and hand dexterity where we more mature prefer audio. There is a old school rule, if you get a phone call when your talking to somebody face to face you say “let me call you back” unless its a dire situation.

  • Joe La terreur says:





  • Brian says:

    Pretty but how on earth would you manufacture that? There’s no room to get a wire through that very tight shape to get your microphone working!

  • Eric says:

    It’s cool how small it is, but it’s fugly as hell to me. I can actually only look at this picturing Sharper Image on the side, cause it’s so one of there “sleek,” “futuristic” designs…

  • Cyndi says:

    I think this is the most beautiful and elegant bluetooth headset I have ever seen. It is simple and classic. It does not make you look like a “Trekkie” …or like you are wearing a huge plastic paper clip on your ear. 🙁

    The only questions I have are, “where can I buy it,” and “can I afford it???” LOL

    I really appreciate the fabulous design. You should never expect a woman to wear something ugly on her ear! This is one of the the only bluetooth headsets I would consider wearing.

  • romy says:

    hey whats its price?

    can i buy it through internet with free shipping i will pay by paypal

  • romy says:

    hey whats its price?
    can i buy it through internet with free shipping i will pay by paypal

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