Ganymede’s Series 01 Watch takes inspiration from underwater voyaging vessels

A single glance at the Series 01 wristwatch is enough to fill you with intrigue. It looks nothing like most wristwatches, and telling time using the Series 01 is strikingly different too.

Designed taking inspiration from marine voyaging vessels, the Ganymede Series 01 doesn’t have a watch face as much as it has a porthole. The rounded-square watch body comes with a capsule shaped window that has a unique way of telling the time. Peer through the capsule-shaped window and you see a bunch of numbers arranged in concentric arcs. Multiple hands make rounds of the watch’s vertical face, pointing out the time. Follow the hand’s color and read the number that it points to of the corresponding color, and there you have it. It does have a learning curve, but that’s the price of having something as uniquely alluring as the Ganymede Series 01.

The watch’s body comes made from 316L stainless steel, with a domed sapphire crystal glass on the front as well as a flat sapphire crystal exhibition back, giving you a view of the Seiko NH35A mechanical movement on the inside. The case comes in a variety of hues, ranging from rose gold to bronze, steel, and black, with leather straps to match.

Its vintage nautical equipment-inspired design is truly what sets the Series 01 apart, especially with its soft curves, sandblasted finish, and beautifully offset narrow porthole window. It may take you a moment to habituate yourself to reading the time, but that’s no big deal for the trueblue watch aficionado!

Designer: Bala Radharamanan