De-clutter Desk With Modular Modo

If you feel a twinge of embarrassment when you look at the clutter on your desk, then you are in serious need of help. Pens, wires, gadgets, basically the contents of a junk drawer strewn across is what best describes most office desks around the world. Modo or Modular Desktop Organizer is the answer we all have been waiting for. This functional Chinese-checkered kind of board adapts to the needs of your desk and makes it look worthy of the shining success that you are.

Zen and balance in life is achieved if all the elements are in sync with each other. You may own the best of the Smartphone, tablet and the most expensive pens, but what good are these if they are not in harmony with your surroundings. It takes a little creative genius to see the value in orienting horizontal wall pegs, downsizing them and placing them as verticals. Crafted from naturally warm bamboo and matte finished aircraft grade aluminum, this customizable plug n organize system will conform to whatever devices and equipments you use now and in the future.

Details about Modo and B&A Studio can be found here.

Key Features:

  • The Modo pins can be spaced in any configuration to store items like the tablet, computers, note books / pads, phones, hard drives, letters …
  • The Modo band can be used for pens pencils and other items
  • The Modo balls can be used as pin or tack cushions
  • The Modo caps provide extra protection for your device screens and double up as stylus tips
  • The Modo slots help manage your cables on top or below Modo
  • The Modo USB hubs allow you to manage up to 3 USB drives

Designer: B&A Studio [ Buy it Here ]