The Ciro stool was designed to support industries as well as local craftsmen

Named aptly after the very celestial body it showcases in its seating detail, the Ciro stool combines machine-based production and hand-made craftsmanship, to create furniture that celebrates both old and new styles of furniture-making. Greek for Sun, Ciro’s strongest detail is its seat, a circular wooden seat that is woven in place to a cast-aluminum frame that holds the entire stool together.

The stool consists of multiple components that come together to form a piece of furniture co-created between machines and local craftsmen. The stool’s cast-aluminum frame holds the entire product together, while the Teak wood legs plug into it, giving its stability and height. The circular Teak wood seat sits within the hollow cut in the aluminum frame, and is manually woven into place with cane strips by local craftsmen.

Ciro celebrates an aesthetic that uniquely pushes new production processes while also encouraging dying arts. Metal casting and cane wickerwork come together to create a uniquely eye-catching seating device that showcases bespoke hand-made design and machine precision together in a raw-yet-finished product!

Designers: Jaymin Panchasara, Abhay Panchasara & Shwetha Iyengar (5th Column)