Wall-mounted drawers offer storage that leaves your floor clear and free

Storage containers are inescapable facts of life, especially in this day and age where we collect so many material possessions. These vessels can range from plastic boxes to wooden furniture like shelves and cabinets, all of which trade floor space for that storage capacity. Unfortunately, floor space is also becoming a luxury these days, and we can’t simply expand the area in proportion to our growing storage needs. We need to be smarter about the way we use storage and what we use for storage, and no, stacking them up to the ceiling isn’t a viable solution nor a safe one. These drawers, in contrast, do offer a better alternative by taking advantage of the free space that we have found on our walls.

Designers: Camille Paillard and Romain Voulet

Storage boxes are a common sight in many households. They’re simple, convenient, and often stackable. They also take up precious floor space, and stacking them so high can become a safety hazard if left unchecked. Ideally, we’d “Marie Kondo” our excess possessions, but we’ll always still end up with stuff we can’t simply throw out. We obviously need more storage, but we also don’t have more floor space to use. What we do have, however, is plenty of free wall space that isn’t even taken up by decorations.

The KGT Wall Units evolved from metal storage boxes that could be individually stacked just like any conventional storage box. As the name implies, these boxes are mounted on a wall rather than lying on the floor. In this manner, they actually behave more like drawers rather than boxes, but the function and purpose are the same: to hide your possessions from view.

Of course, these can’t be stacked like normal boxes because they have to be screwed to a wall for stability. In fact, each unit has a fixed number of drawers, either one, three, or six in a vertical arrangement. There is one other variant where the drawers line up side-by-side, creating a long horizontal row instead. Of course, there’s no limitation on how you combine those units and how many you use. You could even have a whole stack of three six-unit drawers for a total of 18, or 18 individual drawers, presuming you have enough vertical clearance.

More than just their practical utility, however, these wall-mounted drawers add aesthetic value to a space, something ordinary stacked boxes don’t often provide. The gaps between each drawer bring some negative space that visually balances the unit, and the top of each unit becomes yet another space to utilize for things you want people to see. With a powder-coated finish, these seemingly floating drawers provide more than just smart storage but also visual interest to your space, all without cluttering your floor even further.