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The Art Wall project by designer Yongpeng Shen aims to become the community heart of the vibrant and creative Southbank area of Melbourne, Australia. The mixed-use building would house an art library, studios & galleries, as well as residential & commercial spaces. What about the name? The Art Wall’s facade facing Sturt Street is articulated by a series of indents drawn from nearby architectural fragments. More importantly, the structure would complete the void created by the Westgate freeway that currently divides the community.

Designer: Yongpeng Shen


  • AtheistCleric says:

    First, my disclaimer:

    I am an architect and I have done nothing to date to warrant the attention of Yanko Design. So frankly my criticism is of little consequence.

    That said, and put as crudely as possible, this building is fugly. Furthermore, it’s not an homage. It’s a parody. This is what would happen if the writers of “A Scary Movie” designed a building. It exists solely through reference to other buildings. Worse yet, it’s not even a reference to the depth of thought, design exploration or ethos which generated the buildings which it is piggy backing into pseudo stardom. And it has a green facade to complete its slavish grovelling at the feet of contemporary architecture! And the building is multifunctional! Which is a cop-out way of saying there weren’t any better ideas.

    I’m sorry Shen. That’s my brutal and unabridged opinion. This building is architecture as collage. Art without artistry. For architects, it’s pretty impossible not to have a set of heroes. But it really is better to try and emulate the process of those heroes rather than reproducing their work in a weak, superficial facsimile.

  • Nick says:

    I Like it; would be refreshing do drive into a wall of greenery when entering a city.

  • D. Aster says:

    the one thing i agree about is that it is a wall, a f-big wall that causes epileptic crisis on one of its sides but the art thing is the one do not find … show me please! and the windmill … thanks for giving me the first smile of my day! the spiral staircase! nice! i regret, that there is no plans the catastrophy would probably have been even more ovious! but the pictures are already sufficient to make an endless listing of “mistakes” (a school teacher would say). do the whole world a favour in its last moments and whatever it is you do within design … stop it! do yourself a favour and do something else!!! like baker, butcher,cabdriver, etc… otherwise you will one day (miracles/disasters happen) build something and many people will dislike you – very many – very much. the pictures are nice!

  • Elphi says:

    The wall as a whole does not look very nice, but inside seems a lot better.

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