This iPhone 12 air cushion case provides safety + fun in one stylish package!

The iPhone 12 has unrivaled power under the hood courtesy of the A14 chip, and when it comes to the looks, it is equally good. Apple‘s minimal aesthetics of the smartphone are a style and status statement, not meant to be hidden by a thick case. You know where I’m heading now. Smartphone cases and covers provide a level of protection from accidental falls. Still, most times, they hide the beautiful design of the iPhone – it’s always a tug of war between the protection UAG cover’s military-grade protection or the slim aesthetic ones that give perfunctory safety.

Air Case for iPhone 12 is the next design evolution in smartphone cases that detours from the current design language. The iPhone 12 case conceptualized by product designer Philipp Pisarevskiy is made up of bloated cushions to absorb the energy of the fall impact, not letting it get through to the smartphone. As a result, the case sticks to the back of the Apple iPhone, and the protruding contours help hold the smartphone with confidence when taking calls or photographs with a single-handed grip. This way, you reduce the chances of the phone accidentally slip out of your hand and land on the concrete surface!

This iPhone case is a refreshing shift from the same old boring materials like leather, plastic, fabric, or rubber. The textured pattern of the Air Case adds to the lovable design of Apple’s best phone to date. It is a way of self-expression without limiting the design of the gadget, and Philipp has achieved it immaculately. My only gripe is the level of protection when the iPhone falls on its edges (there’s a high likelihood of that), and the designer can improve the design of this phone case to address this concern!

Designer: Philipp Pisarevskiy