The Ratio Six puts you at one simple button-press away from barista-level coffee

The guys who designed the Ratio Six have a saying that goes like this, “All the taste, none of the work”. The Ratio Six is built to embody those seven words and give you better-than-nespresso coffee with an easier-than-nespresso interaction, because the Ratio Six requires just a single push of a single button to brew what Ratio prides in being some of the best coffee on the planet.

The Ratio Six comes from true coffee aficionados who wanted to build great coffee-brewing gear that could replace the expert coffee barista. After creating numerous award-winning coffee machines, they designed and built the Ratio Six, a relatively compact pour-over coffee machine with a single button interface that brings the power of great coffee to your kitchen countertop.

Operating the Ratio Six is as simple as pouring cold water into the machine, placing coffee grounds over the filter, and pressing a button. Push the button and Ratio Six immediately begins heating the water to the exact temperature, before using a fibonacci-spiral shower head to pour the hot water evenly over the coffee grounds, getting the concoction to bloom to perfection. Lights above the control button guide you through the blooming, brewing, and drip process, letting you know when your coffee is ready in the Ratio Six’s double-walled stainless-steel thermal carafe, ready to be poured and consumed. Ratio Six’s brewing process emulates that of a skilled barista, and Ratio’s past flagship coffee machines have found their into the professional kitchens of Top Chef contestants and coffee professionals, as well as Palm Springs’ hotel suites. The Ratio Six brings that very quality of expert coffee brewing into the domestic kitchen, within a small, affordable device.

At just over a foot tall, the Ratio Six is Ratio’s effort to condense expert coffee-making into a small and stylish, kitchen-friendly device. Its stainless steel construction also gives it a visual edge over most plastic coffee makers in its price range. Designed to hold 1.3 liters of water in its clear BPA-free water reservoir, the Ratio Six can make up to eight cups of coffee in a single go, giving your entire household its caffeine fix… and a damn good one too!

Designer: Ratio

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Ratio Six Coffee Maker: Better Coffee by Design

The Ratio Six Coffee Maker is a modern, convinient one button coffee maker, at a price point that more people can afford. “Coffee matters. It can provide the basis of a quiet bit of solitude to start your day, or a drink to share with a new friend, or a finale to a great dinner with those you love,” Mark Hellweg, Ratio Founder

One Button Simplicity

Simplify your coffee routine to the touch of a button. The Ratio Six’s Bloom, Brew, and Ready phases run in sequence, delivering a perfect (and easy) cup of coffee every time. Sometimes you need to quickly make great coffee. Ratio will handle the extraction for you. Just add cold water and freshly ground coffee.

Delicious, Perfectly Extracted Coffee For Everyone

The Ratio Six emulates a skilled barista pour over process, precisely metering water flow through both the Bloom and Brew phases. All of the taste. None of the work. Trusted by those with great palates.

Fibonacci Spiral Shower Head & Bloom

After the button is pressed, Ratio gets to work on brewing great coffee. First, the powerful heating element sends hot water bubbling up through handblown glass supply lines to the stainless steel spiral shower head. Water is distributed over the ground coffee, causing a bubbly interaction called a “bloom.” The control board allows the Bloom to settle before delivering the rest of the hot water, slowly, near the ideal temperature (200º). The result? More evenly extracted grounds and a more amazing cup of coffee.

Designed for Today And tomorrow

The Ratio Six is designed for longevity with precision formed stainless steel, borosilicate glass, and high end BPA-free copolymers. Every inch is built to last and covered by a 5-year warranty.

Compact Size and Full Performance

The Ratio Six will fit in most kitchens without taking up too much countertop real estate.

Technical and Simple

Designed in Portland, Oregon, every Ratio Six machine is meticulously assembled by hand from components that are manufactured with overseas partners. While common appliances often have a built-in obsolescence and 1-3 year life span, every Ratio Six is built to last and covered by a 5-year limited warranty.

The Details

– Brews up to 40oz. (eight 5oz. cups)
– 5-year warranty
– Powerful 1400 watt/110 volt (230 volt releases early 2020)
– Dimensions: 13.5″ deep x 6.75″ wide x 14.25″ tall
– Weight: 8 lbs
– Cantilevered top made of precision stamped stainless steel with a satin finish. The stainless has a satin finish that will resist fingerprints and wipe up easily with a wet towel.
– Laboratory grade borosilicate water lines
– BPA-free copolymer water tank
– Carafe holds flat bottom basket filters such as Melitta

Click Here to Buy Now: $231 $345 (37% off) Hurry, less than 24 hours left!