These boots are meant for (moon)walking!

The conceptual Nike Moonwalker are shoes you’d wear on a regular day… just not on earth, because they’re meant to be worn on the moon!

Designed with a unique ribbed/corrugated fabric that stretches to occupy any foot-form, while tightly wrapping around your limb, the Moonwalker feels comfortable and secure… almost like a second skin, or a third skin because you’d wear the Moonwalker over your suit. It comes with a zipper (because who ties shoelaces in space, right?) and a Lunarlon midsole, a material developed by Nike that comprises foams of varying densities to provide incredibly lightweight sport-specific cushioning that feels soft yet springy… although I doubt anyone would need a springy shoe in the Moon’s low-gravity!

Designer: Shun Ping Pek

The Nike Moonwalker is a conceptual piece of work and is in no way affiliated with the Nike brand.